3D/2D Animation Intern

We sometimes describe NEIGHBOR’s team of artists as trees, with each member offering a unique core talent along with additional branches of ability often called on at a busy animation studio. We don’t care what kind of tree you are – rigging, look dev, motion graphics. We just want you to have one core capability that is exceptionally strong yet be multi-disciplined enough to offer support in other areas as well. We run Maya, Vray, Nuke, and AE as our core software.

We work in advertising primarily. This means a never before imagined idea is sprouting every week at NEIGHBOR in close collaboration with our advertising partners, educators, and brands. Each project goes from creative kick off to final delivery over 4 to 8 weeks more or less. Together we create a supportive, artistic environment that benefits our team, our collaborators and our work in a rewarding, diverse, creative environment that is constantly evolving, and never boring.

Qualifications and responsibilities include:

BA, BFA Animation preferred

Demonstrated artistic and technical ability

Online Portfolio

An interest in animation as a medium for advertising and education.

Summer availability in Minneapolis, MN | 30 – 40 hours/week | June – August.

Thanks for considering us! This is a paid internship. Please apply by March 15th for priority consideration. All applications will be considered through April 15th, 2019. All applicants will be notified of internship offers by May 1st, 2019 or sooner.

Please send your resume, and a link to your portfolio to: internships@neighboranimation.com